Vice Precedents Club | Kev’s Laboratory
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Kev’s Lab


Welcome to Kev’s Laboratory, the place where the scientific magic happens and the government legislations are upheld.

Kev’s soul purpose in life is to make sure that all of VPC’s products are fully compliant and fall in line with the new TPD laws the government have recently enforced.

What some people find boring and arduous Kev finds slightly arousing. Unlike every other living sloth Kev never sleeps, he spends his time reading legal book after legal book making sure that VPC is not only compliant but also one step ahead of the game.

Product wise, you can rest assured as Kev works day and night in his state of the art factory making sure each ingredient is measured to .001 of a ml to ensure you not only get the best tasting vape around but the best quality as well

Space to upload pics of Kev in factory

ECID’s for Phil’s Bakers Range

Blueberry Muffin – 01032-17-12616

Lemon Pie – 01032-17-172620

Key Lime Pie – 01032-17-12630

Jam Doughnut – 01032-17-12626

If you would like to enquire about any of the above or you have any questions for Kev you can contact him directly via email –