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About Vice Precedents Club

“The Club”

Welcome To The Club

I guess the first question is, what is Vice Precedents Club? Well, let me answer that question with a question. What is Heaven? VPC is the home of Philip the Fox and Kevin the Sloth, two pioneers of the vaping world. Vice Precedents Club is the worlds first exclusive club open to anyone and everyone. The club that contradicts itself.

We create and distribute premium eLiquids across the UK and we do so by offering a fully interactive, online experience led by two of the industry’s most colourful characters. Follow Phil and Kev on their vaping adventure via Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat. Our team here at VPC can guarantee you two things, following Phil & Kev will enhance your life and our flavours will never disappoint.

There is only one rule of Vice Precedents Club.

There is no Vice Precedents Club.

Welcome to Vice Precedents Club.

Kev’s Laboratory

Welcome To Kev’s Laboratory

Kev’s Lab is where all the vapes are created. You can visit the Lab by clicking on the link below.

This page contains all VPC’s legal information from our product ECID’s to VPC’s internal policies.

You can also see photos of Kev in his laboratory making the eLiquids that you have purchased.

Phil’s Kitchen

Welcome To Phil’s Kitchen

Phil’s kitchen is where Phil creates all the flavours for Kev to turn into VPC’s famous eLiquids.

You can visit Phil’s kitchen by clicking on the link below. Feel free to email Phil any questions or suggestions for new flavours you may have. Phil is always willing to listen and try new things.

VPC’s Vape Store

Welcome to VPC’s Online Vape Store

VPC’s Online Vape store is where you can purchase our famous eLiquids. Visit the shop by clicking the link below and have a browse of our current range.

Our shop is ever evolving and will be stocking third party juices as well as our own so be sure to regularly check for updates.

VPC Butler

Welcome to VPC’s Butler Service

VPC Butler is a concierge service for your average man… or lady.

Your requests can range from personally signed football shirts too box tickets at the O2. Whatever it is you are after, visit our VPC Butler page and send in your request.

Remember, if you don’t ask you don’t get.